Commercial Toilet Repair in Ontario

Drain Now Rooter Service is among the top-rated toilet repair technicians in Ontario. When you’re having trouble with any of the fixtures in your bathroom, we can be there for fast, giving you an estimate of how many minutes it will take for us to arrive at your location.

Our licensed team has years of experience troubleshooting issues of every kind, from wobbling toilets to low power flushes, flooding, and products that have just stopped working completely.

We’ll give you a low-cost quote that doesn’t change when you receive your final bill and we’ll use top quality replacement parts and the brands you trust to complete the job to your total satisfaction. From unclogging sewage systems to replacing intricate parts hidden within your tank, we do it all.

The Top Toilet Problems Facing Americans Today

Toilet problems are something every single person in the country has experienced at one time or another. Usually, it’s an inconvenient time, like when you go to flush the toilet and nothing happens and there is a lineup of guests waiting outside to use your bathroom.

While not all situations are this extreme, there are some that involve raw sewage and properties flooding that are much, much worse. Here are some of the top reasons people call us:

  1. Nothing happens when you pull the flush handle.
  2. The toilet is leaking everywhere.
  3. Installation didn’t go well the first time.
  4. The toilet is backing up and potentially causing a raw sewage flood hazard.
  5. Wax seal is broken or uneven causing wobbling when you sit down and the potential for leaks.
  6. The tank just won’t stop re-filling and running.
  7. You can get a partial flush, but it doesn’t have enough power to move waste through the system.
  8. Internal pieces in the tank are missing, damaged or broken.

Cheap Clogged Toilet Solutions

We know dealing with a broken or clogged toilet is no fun for anyone in your household, especially if it’s a problem with the main sewage line, or if you don’t have access to more than one bathroom. If your throne is out of commission for any reason, it would be crazy not to call us for an estimate. We offer some of the lowest prices and most comprehensive services in the state. We make clogged toilets a thing of the past with cheap rates that make our services accessible to pretty much anyone.

Meticulous Toilet Installation

We’re pretty fussy about toilet installation and getting it just right for the people of Ontario. We think we should be since we’ve built our business around delivering a streamlined bathroom plumbing experience. Our fleet of work vehicles is equipped with everything we need to place your new or upgraded toilet right where you want it. When you make an appointment with us, our courteous team shows up on time, ready to get to work. Once we’re finished, we’ll clean up any install materials, leaving your property in the same good order it was in when we arrived.

To request a free quote from Ontario’s innovative toilet repair technicians, call our local office today. To serve you better, we offer regular and 24-hour emergency appointments around the clock.